ALTÉS Jewelry

Handcrafted jewelry - unique and different.

A unique Atelier in the heart of Soller is waiting for your visit and interest. The home of jewelry designer Victor Altres Mas lies just off the main square of Soller. This is more than a shop, it is where all the pieces are individually crafted and made. The gold and silver stretching is done in front of your eyes on the machine at the heart of the workshop. The shop is filled with beautiful creations and the simplest of styles fashioned into state of the art beauty.

Victor is an experienced jewelry designer and creator and will work with you to design individual pieces of art that you can wear with pleasure and pride. Altés philosophy comes from working closely with the customer to bring individual beauty from the Soller Valley.

Victor is proud that his first retail outlet in Mallorca is now open in Soller. He knows that this place has art and culture at its core and he knew he wanted to bring his skills to this place. As a ‘hands on’ creative artist he enjoys bringing their work to a discerning audience.

Altés invite you to come and see this gallery of beautiful jewelry. Everything is for sale and commissions for special pieces can be taken. Victor welcomes you to view the creations which Altés Jewelry are recognized for in the jewelry world.

Altés are constantly creating and making wonderful pieces of jewelry. One visit is never enough as new pieces are being exhibited for sale each day.

Altés are in Soller for your pleasure and look forward to welcoming you to the jewelry Atelier of Soller.


+34 971 635 113