Bar Mercat

just a little bit different...

The Municipal Market of Soller is in the heart of the City and painted pink! It is a beacon of the place offering the freshest of fish, meat and vegetables from the local area. The carbon footprint of goods from market to plate is a very short walk. The arrival on the food scene of Soller of Bar Mercat makes that footprint a mere hop and this is the way it works.

Bar Mercat is committed to using the produce of the market in the bar and restaurant. Their own menu and tapas selection all has its beginnings right here. Customers of Bar Mercat have the option of choosing their own fish, meat and vegetables from the Market. Bar Mercat will then grill it for you and charge 6€ for a full grill and 3€ for half grill. Menu items and drinks will all be available at reasonable prices in keeping with the market experience.

Outside seating in the patio at the back of the market is a new feature and the ability to spread the tables inside is also built into the master plan. Bar Mercat’s hours are in line with the opening times of the market except for Fridays when it will open from 7 am right through till 10 pm.

Bar Mercat is the beginning of the new look Soller Market which will take its place as a foodie paradise of the North West of Mallorca. With the wonderful Mediterranean vegetables and fruit on offer together with the finest fish and meat the gastronomy of this region will all be found here in the Market of Soller. World famous Soller Prawns will be available daily and charged at the price of the day.

The wines of the Mallorquin Ribas Vineyard are the only ones served at Bar Mercat. Fine wines are required to augment the wonderful food experience and Ribas is it. The prices continue to be market prices and very reasonable – just 2€ for a glass of fine wine.

Bar Mercat looks forward to be your bar of choice, your tapas stop, your coffee bar and the best little food creation hub in Soller. Come and see for yourself soon…


+34 971 631 830