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Bodega Biniaraix



Tel. 971 630 017
mobile: 648 85 29 32

The Bodega - Biniaraix

The heart of Biniaraix is to be found in The Bodega. A Bar, meeting place, local gossip exchange, art gallery, café, chess club and cosy corner. The Bodega marches to the beat of its own drum and reflects the family that have run this place for over 70 years.

Pedro Antonio is the man of the bar and of the village. He serves you coffees and drinks and specialises in fruit juices from the fruits of his own orchards. Occasionally there might be food on offer or the legendary almond cake. This all depends on how many people are working in the bar at the time. Food cannot be guaranteed but it is great when its there (mainly in the summer).

Many improvements have come to Biniaraix and the Soller Valley but few of them have left their mark on the Bodega. The Bar with its 20s style phone booth and glass bar sets the scene for the principle that if it works don’t change it. Local people love the idiosyncratic nature of the place and new friends are delighted by it all. It is the only place in Biniaraix offering coffee, drinks and a toilet stop to the many walkers heading up the Barranc. It sits at the foot of the church steps with the emblematic church spire making it the point of reference for the village.

The Bodega is simply at the centre of everything that happens in Biniaraix. The fire for the San Antoni festival is just outside, the Biniaraix Fiesta in mid August is in all the buildings around the bar.

To be at the very heart of the village the family love is where Pedro Antonio wants to be. He welcomes you to his bar, his village and his way of life.

The Bodega is open all year with a Monday closing day year round. In the winter the bar is also closed on Thursday.


• Biniaraix Square, Soller Valley, Mallorca


• Central location in the square
• Refreshments and snacks
• Seasonal freshly prepared lemon, orange,
  grapefruit and mandarin juices from our
  own orchard
• In season we offer almond cake and
  ocasionally 'pa amb oli'
• Home of the Biniaraix Film Festival 2015
 - the owner Pedro Antonio won the Oscar
  in 2015 for his (unplanned) performance
• Hosting of art exhibitions & conferences
• Open daily from 10:30 - 21:00 hrs except
  Monday (Dec/Jan except Mon & Thu)


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Bodega Biniaraix
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