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Can Cirer - House of Cherries

Ecocirer is an alternative Bed and Breakfast experience situated minutes from Soller Square.

The location is charming in that the house lives above the city and alongside the torrent. It is also in the gentle earshot of the Soller Train as it wends its way down the mountain into the station.

Barbara, from Soller and Martijn, from Holland have settled with their family to the Soller Valley to bring a special brand of hospitality to the travelers to this area.

Why EcoCirer? - The house of cherries. “When my parents were young there was a big cherry tree (cherry tree is ‘cirer’ in ‘mallorquín’) in the grounds of our family home,” Barbara says. “It´s not there anymore but we are growing a new one,” she smiles.

The Ecocirer vision is that of an organic, vegan-vegetarian Bed and Breakfast. It promotes a pure, natural and vegan lifestyle in an evolution style. Ecocirer has ambitions for growth of this concept in Soller. More premises and space for Yoga and classes are high on their agenda. Their concept lends itself to ecological courses, retreats and private events.

Ecocirer is unified with Holland’s sustainability movement, recycling in harmony with nature. Barbara and Martijn work with these innovations to integrate this ideal within a Mallorquin setting, Ecocirer are concerned with environmental impact, they work to transform the location into a unique space immersed in art and eco-design.

Ecocirer is characterized by correct processing of waste, energy efficiency, healthy ecological products and local in-season foods without artificial additives or preservatives.

The principles of sustainable and sympathetic life are embodied in all that Ecocirer seek to do. They are delighted to welcome guests who share their passions. A true welcome is extended to all who visit and recipe books are available to take home as a reminder of the wonderful food available in this paradise.



• Carrer Fossaret, 16 - 07100 Sóller


• 2 rooms, private bathrooms, minibar, TV
  with int. channels, internet, AC & heating
• Views to the garden or mountains
• Organic cotton sheets and towels.
• A set of Natural Toiletries for bathrooms.
• Baby crib available
Choice of vegan or vegetarian breakfast

WINTER 2017/18

• 6 more brand new double bed rooms


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Ecocirer Hotel
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