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You are here...but you would really like an easy to follow map to see where you are going and what you want to explore.

The maps contained on this page were created by the Town Hall's of each respective area and should allow you to find where you are going.

A PDF version is downloadable so that you can print off the maps to bring with you.


This map was produced by the Ajuntament (the Town Hall) and shows all the main roads from the Tunnel down into Soller.

The Tunnel through the mountain is a toll road although you can drive over the top of the mountain for free - it will add about 7km to your journey but it is a lovely drive on a nice day.

Soller has a one way system that changes frequently. Keep a look out for stop signs, watch for mirrors at junctions as they will help you see what is coming the other way, and never think that a road is too narrow for two cars - get ready to practice reversing.

Map of Soller
Map of Fornalutx


This map was produced by the Ajuntament (the Town Hall) and is a beautiful watercolour that shows the main village of Fornalutx with Placa Espana - the square, almost central.

Fornalutx is great to explore on foot due to its size. Have a drink in the square, go and see the church, or just wander through the mellow streets and be amazed at the gardens you see through the gated doorways.

If you carry on in the car through Fornalutx you will get to the mountain road that eventually takes you on up to the Cuber reservoir and beyond.



Dont be decieved by Deia. You can easily drive through Deia and miss all its charm, as the road seems to take you into the town and then straight out. Find one of the carparks and then walk up towards the church, or have a coffee in one of the beautiful cafes, or one of the Hotels.

Cala Deia (beach) is outside the town and down a winding road. The beach is pebble with two great places to get a drink or eat. There is a bus-stop where the road turns down to Cala Deia - use that as your landmark so that you dont miss it.

Stroll up to the beautiful church and cemetery, right at the top of the village, and always decked in wonderfully colourful flowers. The views are tremendous.

Map of Deia

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