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Miquel Morell Builder


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Miquel Morell and his team of hardworking builders and craftsmen are proud to present their work to you

They know that many people buy houses in the Soller Valley and need the services of builders and restorers before the house of their dreams is ready to be occupied. This is what they do every day …

A successful building company in this City needs to be able to use the most modern methods and materials alongside a knowledge and respect of the traditional practices that are still important in the Soller Valley home. The young dynamic team are skilled in all methods of building and have the arts of stone masonry, wood carving and swimming pool design at their fingertips. The electricians, builders, plumbers and painters work with the artists to create a unique blend of expertise ready to build or renovate your house to the most intricate specification.

Miquel has a portfolio of pictures of work already completed for satisfied clients and he is happy to share them with you. A testimonial and a ‘well done’ from a satisfied client are worth gold in this valley. This website is full of pictures of completed works that represent many years of working with home owners in the Soller Valley.

No work is too small or too big for Miquel’s team. They consider all they are asked to do and take the relevant advice and permissions from the powers that be to ensure that you, the home owner have a trouble free experience. The benefit of using a local, respected workforce cannot be underestimated.

Miquel Morell employs a team of workers for each project that is undertaken but the ultimate responsibility rests with him. He is the contact for all the owners and he is in control of all they have asked him to do. This is a responsibility he takes very seriously which is why he has so much repeat business and recommendations.

Miquel Morell and his team welcome you to your new home experience in the Soller Valley and look forward to working with you.


• SOLLER - Calle Rectoria, 13


• Photos shown above are of our work
• Languages Spoken - English, Spanish,
  Mallorquin, German and French
• References from local clients available to
• Local knowledge and experience of
  Ajuntament (Town Hall) planning
• Works closely with electrician, plumbers
  and other specialised trades.
• Modern through to traditional styles


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Miquel Morell Construction
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