Red Fort Supermarket

Downtown - in the heart of Soller.

A small, friendly supermarket in the heart of Soller was the ambition of the Red Fort company. After opening three businesses in the Soller Valley specialising in the finest Indian cuisine a supermarket was next on the list.

This is the place to shop in the main Jeroni Estades street amongst the banks, shops and estate agents of the City of Soller. The people who live in the apartments and houses around the shop asked for a convenience store that is open seven days a week. This shop has been created for that market and also for the visitors who are looking for a reasonably priced place to buy their drinks, picnic food and snacks.

Vick Singh and his team know that the customers want excellent produce, choice and accessibility seven days a week. His training in the supermarkets of the English City of Cheltenham taught him that was the basis for a great shop serving the local community.

The Red Fort Supermarket is run by the Red Fort team who are committed to quality service and helpfulness. Vick Singh relocated to London from India in 2006 and ran a chain of corner shops and off licences in London and Cheltenham before relocating to Mallorca. He has been in the Soller Valley for a number of years starting his business group with the first Indian Restaurant on the Repic Beach of the Port of Soller.

The supermarket exists to serve the needs of the community when they want it. The commitment to opening late, seven days a week, is a very important part of the service.

The Red Fort Supermarket look forward to serving you and welcoming you to their restaurants in the Soller Valley.