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Sa Llimoneta



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Rachel's Lavanderia Sa Llimoneta

With pretty bougainvillaea around the door and a magnificent Plane tree shading the front terrace, Sa Llimoneta is situated on the picturesque Placeta de Fransesc Saltor, neighbour to the convent church and school Sagrats Cors. 100m down Calle Isabel II, from the ‘Repic’ roundabout entrance, there is easy car access even on market days. You can pull up outside the shop to pick up or drop off and then return to the main road to the Port of Soller without having to go right through Soller town.

Rachel offers a friendly and personal service with attention to detail and a fast turnaround. You can just drop off your bags and pick up usually the same or next day. Rachel will wash, dry, fold and iron your clothing and linen, whatever service you require. Clothing, towels, bed linen, curtains, mattress covers, sofa covers, duvets and eiderdowns, anything machine washable. At the moment Sa Llimoneta cannot offer a dry cleaning service. Prices are extremely competitive and if you have regular deliveries, may be negotiable. Watch this space for up and coming offers.

Freshen up your duvets ! - Single 9 Euros, Double 12 Euros

Rachel speaks English and Castellano and has lived on the island of Mallorca for over 13 years. She has worked as a scientist and a teacher. She has two children at the local school and many contacts in the Soller area and on the island. She is also a semi professional photographer.

Sa Llimoneta is fast becoming a social hub for the local community. Come in for a coffee and a chat to find out more.



• C/ Isabel II, 112, Soller


• Laundry service for households, holiday
  houses, small hotels, yachts
• Quick turnaround
• Easy car access
• Great prices
• Friendly and efficient personal service


• Monday to Friday
  10 til 14:30 and 16:30 til 19:00 hrs


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Sa Llimoneta
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