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Judy Swaffin



+34 971 63 1845

Judy Swaffin - Artist of Soller

Judy Swaffin is a prolific artist who paints extensively in the Soller Valley. A home on the Repic beach gives her daily inspiration for the seascape and seasons of the Port of Soller and the surrounding valley. She experiences the changing seasons with an artist’s eye and captures the small things that people love in her paintings.

Judy describes her work like this: 'I paint in series which develop an idea or theme, so usually produce several or many related pictures. Aiming for a readable image with a strong focal line to lead the viewer through the work and with an intricate paint surface to reward closer attention, I use traditional oil-painting techniques such as glazing and scumbling and also more contemporary mark-making with apparently free brush strokes.

Recently my colours have become lighter and more reflective, my paint surface thinner and my textural detail more subtle, possibly as a result of living in the pearly light of the Solent for several years. Every year I spend many weeks in Soller, a mountain-ringed bay in northern Majorca where the age-old hillside terraces and their thousands of olive trees have triggered a series of works moving from representation to near-abstraction through many intermediate phases.’

Judy’s work can be viewed and purchased in Soller at Russ Barson's in Calle Isabel II, Soller – contact him on 00 34 971 63 18 45 to arrange a viewing. The prices range from 50€ to 400€.

The full story of Judy’s training and journey in the world of art can be viewed on this link

Many people buy Judy’s work as a memento of the wonderful holidays they have had here in the Soller Valley. Her love and understanding of this special place in the universe shine through her work and make it such a pleasure to take home.

Judy Swaffin, Aritst of Soller


• Soller, Mallorca


• Paintings of the Soller Valley
• Traditional oil paintings
• Contemporary paintings
• Series of paintings
• Momentos of your holiday here in the
  Soller valley
• Local venue in the centre of
  Soller for viewings contact number:
  +34 971 63 18 45
• Paintings for all budgets - 50€ to 400€


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Judy Swaffin, Aritst of Soller
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