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The weather here in Mallorca is fantastic. Summers are hot and sultry, Autumn is usually clear and warm, Winter is crisp with winter sun,and Spring is beautiful for being out and about exploring.

The mountains can have their own very changable weather so you need to take that into account if you are exploring the area.

Below is a forecast for Soller and Palma for the next 7 days. It should hopefully help you plan your time on our beautiful island.

The Weather in the Tramuntana area is usually beautiful, sunny and calm.

The forecast to the left shows the predicted weather for Soller for the next 7 days. Please remember that the weather in the mountains is more changable and ensure that you are prepared for that.

Our winters are usually crisp and clear. However, on rainy days it really does rain. We usually find that we get downpours and storms that are amazing to watch - followed again by crisp and clear weather.

Spring is beautiful, but we normally do get a spell of rainy weather as the season changes from Spring into Summer.

Summers can be hot. We will get some days that are around 40 degrees and you will then be glad of having air-conditioning in your home, being at the beach where you can dip in the sea or frequenting a cool cafe for a glass of iced beer.

Autumn is one of our favourite seasons, warm days and cool evenings. Again there is usually a change between the Summer and the Autumn so at some time there will be some more stormy, unsettled weather - but this is what keeps the trees green, the reservoirs full and the valley looking at its best.

Why would we include a view of the weather in Palma?

The mountains really do make a difference to our island. On any day it could be calm and clear in Soller and raining in Palma, or vice versa. If you are here for a short time it is sometimes worth checking the weather to see if today is your day for exploring our capital city, or hiking from Valldemossa to Deia!

Of course this weather is provided with the caveat that it is predicting something that we cant guarantee!

The temperature shown at the top of our webpages shows the actual temperature and conditions in Soller on any particular day. The information presented here shows a weekly forecast and comes from a different source - so dont be alarmed if it is slightly different. Both are from reliable weather stations but predict the satellite images and temperatures in varying ways.

Please respect the mountains in terms of the weather. Be prepared - take a rucksack with you that has essential gear, rain macs, a torch, plasters, first aid, water, and an ability to contact the outside world (mobile).

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