Hair, Massage, Beauty and Sugaring.

Marcos is a feature of Fornalutx, everyone knows him for his hairdressing and his presence. Originally from Brazil and then via places around the world before descending on the Soller Valley over ten years ago. Many people knock on his door and try to get the man out of the Valley. Josh Wood took him to London to his exclusive, high end world where famous names and faces rubbed shoulders with others who just wanted the best style and colour for their hair. Marcos just loves the Soller Valley and the eclectic people who seek him here. This is a hairdresser who makes time for his clients and gets into their very soul to understand what they really want their hair to do for them. His home base his here and these days’ people make journeys to see him and coincide their holidays when they want revolutionary work done on their hair. The Atelier is Marcos’ creation and it is a truly beautiful place to spend time nurturing the hair and the soul.

Kristien joined this wonderful place this year and has talents of her own. Originally from Belgium where she developed her Beautician training and her product understanding of revolutionary Sugaring. Kris comes from a background of teaching, dive instructing and travelling. She knew when she was deciding on where to live and work it had to inspire and call her and that’s what the Soller Valley did. Her introduction to the high end world that Marcos inhabits was an irresistible invitation to this place in the universe.

Kris does not work with wax because she was part of the team that launched the best Sugaring techniques to Belgium which included training courses for the operatives. She believes passionately that hair removal created in this way is superior on every level. She also offers a full range of beauty treatments with specialities in Facials and Massage therapy.

Marcos and Kris are a great team in the Atelier of Fornalutx and they look forward to welcoming you.

Food, music, welcome, art, beauty and an appreciation of life all these are words that can describe Agapanto - a real jewel in our world.


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