Can Karlito

A Restaurant, a Bakery, a Deli, a Bar and soon to be a Boutique Hotel.

A taste of Sweden has opened along the Lluna in Soller. Opposite Can Prunera the Museum of Modern Art. Can Karlito is a Bakers, a Deli, a Restaurant, a Bar and soon to be a Boutique Hotel.

Swedish bread making and baking is done on the premises and the deli and salmon items imported from the best of Sweden.

This is a family business who would like to welcome you to the best food and welcome that Sweden has to offer. Menu of the Day is served at lunchtime at a fabulous price (see facebook feed for weekly details).

Can Karlito opened in December 2019 as a new and exciting cultural dining experience. With a nod to Spanish cuisine Karlito offer Scandinavian seafood favourites such as smoked salmon, pickled herrings and much more straight from the Nordic Seas. Complimented by a range of local and northern spirits, aperitifs and wines, Can Karlito aims to serve traditional dishes with a contemporary twist.

The wine cellar is a delight to behold as it holds the finest wines at exactly the right temperature. To taste exquisite wine alongside delicious food is a family ambition realised.

Can Karlito is a many faceted place. You are as welcome to pop in for a coffee and to buy a loaf of bread as you are to have a fine Scandinavian dinner. The open sandwiches and glass of wine option at lunch time has people returning regularly.

A little taste of Sweden in the heart of Soller welcomes you.