El Sabor Restaurant, Port de Soller

Relax with delicious food and drink just a few paces from the beach

El Sabor sits tucked in along the front of the few buildings, which lead to the sea in the Port of Soller. The food is sublime, the welcome warm and the scenery an explosion for the senses. You land where the Tram meets the sea on its journey from Soller. The tram stops opposite the door of El Sabor and the Port of Soller awaits with its beauty and charm. The largest car park of the Port is near El Sabor so every which way you travel to this restaurant it is easy.

El Sabor is known for its more unusual Tapas recipes and inventive dishes of the day. The Salad fans love the Goats Cheese and every mouthful is delicious. The location means that older children run off to the beach in between courses leaving a more relaxed dining experience for the adults. They, however, always return to the table for the delicious home made desserts.

The hours, from 11 to 11pm each day (except Tuesday), mean that this restaurant offers an all day brasserie experience. Sonia and her team are always glad to see you whether for a coffee or to taste the skills of their great kitchen. Children are very welcome and included in this beachside experience.

El Sabor is known by locals and visitors alike and in the summer booking for dinner is essential. This is a favourite restaurant of so many and Sonia looks forward to welcoming you.