Fet a Soller

Fet a Soller embraces the concept of Soller - From its shops to its online presence there is no other company in the Soller Valley that is so obviously Soller’s biggest fan.

Fet a Soller started with the orange and the understanding that in the past the citrus fruits of the Soller Valley were its biggest export. Time and history changed the use of the Soller oranges until now when they have been re introduced to the world through the online delivery service of Fet a Soller. The oranges are known for their health giving properties and the knowledge they are not treated with pesticides and unwaxed. The taste of the orange grown so naturally is unique and is what Fet a Soller are famous for.

The orange was the start but the company love the lemons, limes, pomegranates and nuts as well as the other liquid gold that grows right here. The olive that gives us the Oil de Soller brand is grown on the terraces of the Soller mountains. Fruit, olives, almonds and local charcuterie sits alongside the Soller Ice Cream that is made here by Fet a Soller. The ice cream, like all Fet a Soller products is made from the finest natural sources.

The Fet a Soller story is of a worldwide On Line delivery service of its Mallorquin products. Many countries receive their own part of Soller delivered to them each month in the form of fruit, nuts, jams, wines, oils and gift items. They also operate from their shops and cafés in Soller and the Port of Soller. The Soller ice cream is sold there together with a full selection of products from the vast range. The future is orange, lemon, oil and whatever new Soller Valley products emerge. This is a fast growing industry and Fet a Soller are constantly looking for new ways to bring you the flavour of Soller. The Oil of Soller is receiving many accolades at present because Soller is one of the few areas that use truly natural methods to grow the olives. They are not ‘farmed’ but produced in the time honoured traditions of centuries of Soller cultivation. The taste of a Soller olive is unique and the oil that is produced from them is simply wonderful.

Fet a Soller promotes Soller because it believes in its products and its local people. The pleasure that all derive from satisfied customers is the engine the fires the next stage of the growth of the company. They have many plans for the future as there are so many exciting new Soller products that are waiting for the world to discover them. Fet a Soller started their journey of discovery and sharing knowledge eighteen years ago. They begin the next decade in optimistic buoyant mode ready to take the goodness of the Soller Valley to a wider audience - never forgetting that it all started with the orange…