Lemon Pie Dining

Wonderful home cooked in house dining, holiday catering, ready made meals, plus catering for weddings and parties.

In the Soller Valley we are famous for our lemons. In fact, it is the superior citrus fruit centre of the whole island. Lemons are plucked off trees and incorporated into many sweet and savoury dishes. In Rachel and Sally’s Soller world the lemon is their signature fruit. They have so many requests for their lemon meringue pie Rachel feels she could make it in her sleep.

From their Soller kitchen Rachel likes to use her vast experience to create new dishes for the many dinner parties that the Summer brings. Cakes are created, pies and many savouries dishes are made, these can be delivered to your home or holiday villa in the Soller Valley and surrounding areas. Dishes for the freezer or maybe tonights dinner can be delivered to your door. The full experience of being cooked for and waited on at home, washing up done leaving you to bask in the adulation is very popular! The Paella experience is one of the most requested evenings. Rachel brings her pan and creates a personal paella just for you, guests love to watch how it’s made, enjoying the experience with a glass in their hand.

Weddings, from gentle tapas to a full blown feast is a treat of summer months. Rachel and Sally cook beautiful wedding food with the added bonus of using Sally’s experience as a wedding planner to create the perfect day. The combination of these two Soller ladies is unique. They are not amateur cooks or wedding planners without experience. Both have years of time spent in their fields and many testimonials to their great work.

The Soller Valley is very hospitable and many like to entertain. Lemon Pie dining can do the lot – food, wine – staff and clearing up as good as new. Soller Valley parties have never been so easy.

Ready made meals come in various categories. One is for those who want to have their holiday catering sorted with meals awaiting them in the freezer on their holiday arrival. Then there are those that halfway through their holiday want a change from cooking. The next group are residents who live here and would like home cooked meals. From the most complex to the dinners for one Lemon Pie Dining is at your service.

Rachel and Sally look forward to meeting you soon and pleasing your taste buds with lemons and much more…