Mallorca Tutoring Academy

Making a difference in each student.

From its wonderful location in the Son Quint Golf course Mallorca Tutoring Academy spreads its knowledge. This is a versatile, bespoke learning experience that is designed around the individual student. Learners come to be taught languages and every academic subject that they require. This place augments and enhances normal school life by working on the parts that can cause stress in a multi lingual society.

If children are taught in Spanish or Catalan in school their core knowledge of English can suffer. The Mallorca Tutoring Academy have sorted this problem out from day one of their arrival in Mallorca. The reverse is also true for children being taught in English. Their families want to make sure that their Spanish native language is not held back. These are two examples of the work this innovative team undertake every day.

The reasons for using a teaching centre are myriad. The support during term time is only one aspect of the work. MTA is open all year and offers holiday courses and fun summer schools. It also works with families to give holiday coaching and preparation for exams to be taken in other countries. There is no such thing as a typical day in this eclectic place.

The website gives a full picture of the work and the dedicated staff who are at the heart of all the excellent results MTA are so proud of.

The location of MTA just off the main motorway of Palma is a great plus for the centre. Older students can get a bus from Palma to ferry themselves to school. For everyone else the parking and drop off couldn’t be easier. The swimming pool of the golf course is accessed by the Summer School and makes a great end to their days spent in the wonderful grounds in their Summer Marquee.

Mallorca Tutoring Academy love to talk to all parents and people interested in learning about how they can achieve the best for them.