CALABRI Construction

The construction world of Mallorca is in the hands of local skilled craftsmen and so it is in the Soller Valley.

Toni and his team from Calabri Construction have learned their trades from experience and training colleges. They have created dry stone walls and built state of the art, high end swimming pools. They approach each project with love and care for the materials and authenticity of the Soller Valley. The lack of new build properties in the Fornalutx and surrounding areas mean that most of their work is reforms, refurbishment and extending properties. The rules are very specific in this UNESCO part of the Tramuntana Mountain range. Permissions have to be sought and granted from the local administration and often from central administration in Palma. It is essential that building works are undertaken and controlled by local craftsmen who understand the system.

Toni has offices in the heart of Fornalutx and as a local man he knows all there is to know about the houses of Fornalutx and the surrounding area. His team are also involved in new build projects in Palma, Soller and other towns in the heart of Mallorca. The team includes an architect, plumbers, builders and electricians who are all from the Soller Valley. They all have the same ambition which is to create to your specification, within the existing rules, the property which is perfect for you.

The mountains around Fornalutx have many Olivars on them. These are very popular with people buying property here. They love the authenticity of having their own ‘allotment up the mountain’. Building on these plots is controlled and regularly checked by the authorities. Working with the planners and with owners developing these idyllic spots is a specialism of Calabri construction.

Toni and and his team look forward to working with you. He is delighted that you have chosen a home here and assures you of the best attention and craftsmanship from all at Calabri Construction.


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