Deirdre Quiery

About the author

Deirdre Quiery was born in Northern Ireland, 1957, growing up in Belfast during what are now known as ‘The Troubles’. As a child she developed a love for reading, starting with her first trip to Ligoniel library with her mother at seven years old. This love led her to pursue a Masters in Consciousness Studies and Transpersonal Psychology and to enjoy reading from authors such as Ken Wilber J Krishnamurti, Alan Watts, Eric Fromm, and Laurence Freeman. Deirdre also sought teachings from Christian contemplative meditation and Buddhist Vipassana and Zen.

It was this long love affair with reading, her educational background and her own experience living through the ‘troubles’ which led her to writing.

From these journals a talent emerged and she began writing her first novel ‘Eden Burning’. Set in the very ‘Troubles’ Deirdre grew up in, she draws inspiration from her own experience, studies, nature, mystery, the Universe and our desire to understand our place within it as human beings.

Deirdre has also received awards for her writing most recently in the Alexander Imich Competition in the USA – awarded for the ability to write about exceptional human experiences and two years running from the Birmingham Trophy competition, as well as People´s Book Prize UK in Q4 of last year.

Deirdre also enjoys expressing her artist flare through painting and studying with Argentinian artist, Carlos Gonzalez. Exhibitions of this work are planned and the excitement mounts about this project.

Deirdre lives on the beautiful island of Mallorca with her husband, Martin who she married in 1980 after meeting at University. She has just released her second novel ‘The Secret Wound’, which is now available in book stores, Urbane and on Amazon (see links on the right or below). She is also currently working on her third novel, titled 'The Painter'. Based in Mallorca, 'The Painter' is a psychological thriller which explores how genius – in this case in painting is subject to corruption when fame replaces natural talent and the denigration of what is pure can even lead to murder.

Deirdre Quiery has found her voice and looks forward to sharing it with you.


Deirdre Quiery's follow up to the critical success of Eden Burning, The Secret Wound draws the reader into a complex web of relationships within the ex-pat community in Mallorca, discovering their dangerous secrets...and a potential murderer in their midst. One of their number carries a dark and deadly secret from their past, and has murderous plans for a fellow ex-pat. Can any of the close- knit community discover the brutal plans before they are all put in mortal danger?

Deirdre Quiery's gripping thriller is not just an addictive page turner, but provides a compelling exploration of human emotion and desires, and the terrible costs of jealousy and ambition. Perfect for fans of Jane Corry and Amanda Brooke.” Amazon


Northern Ireland, 1972. On the Crumlin Road, Belfast, the violent sectarian Troubles have forced Tom Martin to take drastic measures to protect his family. Across the divide William McManus pursues his own particular bloody code, murdering for a cause. Yet both men have underestimated the power of love and an individual’s belief in right and wrong, a belief that will shake the lives of both families with a greater impact than any bomb blast. This is a compelling, challenging story of conflict between and within families driven by religion, belief, loyalty and love. In a world deeply riven by division, a world of murders, bomb blasts and assassinations, how can any individual transcend the seemingly inevitable violence of their very existence?

Deirdre received first prize in the Alexander Imich Competition – awarded for the ability to write about exceptional human experiences and awarded prizes two years running from the Birmingham Trophy competition.