Fornalutx beauty along with great food from the grill

The arrival of Groenk to Fornalutx is the desire of the husband-and-wife team to bring their experience and success in Budapest to the wonderful mountain village they love. Emese and Balázs are passionate about food and hospitality. Their desire to move to the Mediterranean and a meeting with Krisztian Ersek enabled them to see they could bring their unique brand to the village of Fornaltux, where they have happily settled.

Groenk is a full refurbishment of great premises, with a wonderful view. The introduction of the Charcoal Grill mean that steaks, burgers and seafood are prepared to perfection. Charcoal grills provide a smoky and authentic flavour to food which cannot be achieved with gas grills. Charcoal grills can reach higher temperatures, in some cases 400 Celsius. This is the key to making them great for searing and achieving a perfect ‘char’ on the meat. The beef burgers are made with dry-aged Charolais beef, prepared medium rare on charcoal.

Groenk serve their own label Grøenk Gin & Grøenk Golden Ale craft beer. Their speciality coffee is brewed from 100% Arabica coffee and is from Columbia.

The central table inside Groenk can seat 12 and is used regularly for groups of people ready to enjoy fine food and wine. The comfortable, air-conditioned ambience makes this restaurant ready to be a year-round mountain experience. The welcome and hospitality will always be first class. Outside terrace seating is for 32 customers and inside 28.

Emese is a linguist and economist and has many years’ experience of running restaurants in the friendly gastro restaurant scene in Hungary. She is delighted to be in the wonderful world of Fornalutx and sharing her passion, through Groenk for great food and hospitality. Her chef husband, Balázs, is passionate about food, sharing his knowledge, and using his skills for all who appreciate the tastes of the world.

Groenk look forward to welcoming you!