Mallorca Renovations

Ronald Wit of Mallorca Renovations is very well known in the Soller Valley and in other parts of Mallorca.

Since his arrival in Soller 10 years ago he has overseen the renovation of over 40 properties. He is a guide and confidante to many because his relationship with his clients starts in the early days of their property search. He is called in by clients directly or via the Real Estate Agents who work with his expertise.

The early meetings outline what is possible and what the likely time frame and costs will be. Ronald deals in reality and often the client’s expectations have to be adjusted to take into account that the renovations are happening here in Mallorca.

Ronald speaks many languages, clients understand the discussions and can take an active part in making sure the professionals understand their dream. Ronald also has testimonials to his work on most street corners of Soller. After the initial meeting clients often go with him to visit completed projects and projects under construction to see the standard of workmanship they are buying into.

Ronald’s world has included civil engineering, project management, property valuation, real estate sales, accountancy, architectural design and pool building. This gives him a unique perspective on Soller Valley properties and this is why quite a number of his clients become his friends. He is also proud to be the ambassador for his clients who entrust him to get on with the work while they live in other parts of the world. He is conscious of the responsibility and trust placed in him and always seeks the best outcome for his clients.

Mallorca Renovations is a name that is well known in the Soller Valley and represents excellent work, attention to detail, a good outcome and aftersales service. Ronald Wit looks forward to meeting you and working with you to achieve the Soller Valley property you have always wanted.