Radio One Mallorca

Listen live.

Radio One Mallorca is quite simply the voice of Mallorca. The only English speaking radio station on the Island that broadcasts 24 hours a day from the heart of Calvia. Radio one Mallorca exists for the residents, the visitors and the extended family worldwide. So many people discover this station while they are on the Island and want to take their connection and memories home with them. To be able to listen online allows them to keep connected every day. Statistics show each day where the audience is coming from and it’s great to say hello to all corners of the earth as they tune in to see what is going down on this beautiful island.

The Radio One family of presenters Richie and Ayesha and their mad breakfast show, Frank with his ‘Jeremy Vine’ type morning slot, Diablo V with his ‘I am a DJ first and then a presenter’ show and the laid back Des as he takes everyone home on his drive time slot are familiar names to all and are loved for the banter about local issues and trends that assaults the listeners ears every day.

Even the jingles get in the heads of all and the power of the advertising means that even when they are not switched on the message lives on in their heads. The accessibility of the station means that everyone claims a bit of it and wants it to reflect what they are doing on a daily basis on the island. The visitors love to hear of events and what is trending that they can get quickly involved in. It is so easy to use Radio One Mallorca to know the happening places and where the best sound is coming from and where the bargains are to be had.

The charitable work that Radio One Mallorca undertakes bears testament to this and the imagination behind the scenes led by Jo Walsh mean that the presenters never know what is going to be expected of them. Swim with sharks, jump from a hot air balloon, run a marathon, make fun of language skills all these things and more are used to create a dynamic environment of interest for the listener and advertiser and raises lots of cash for good causes.

Radio One Mallorca is the eyes, ears and message board of the community and the swinging soul – it really doesn’t get much better than that…