Shirley Roberts

Wedding Celebrant of Mallorca

I am honoured to be asked by many couples to perform their wedding ceremony. I started this important work a number of years ago and concentrated on the Soller Valley which is my home base. The wonderful venues we have in this place make it the wedding ceremony choice for so many people.

The Wedding Planners of Mallorca pulled me out of my North Western corner of Mallorca and now I work anywhere on the island and beyond. The whole island is full of magical places in which to get married and the bridal couples are always spoilt for choice.

I am, at heart, a story teller and that is reflected in the ceremonies I prepare. I often tell how the couples have met and what brought them to this, their wedding day in Mallorca. This is mixed with individual vows that couples want to make and is centered in the official words of marriage. The ceremony, short or long is evolved over our meeting, chats and emails before the big day.

There are some details that matter to me and one of them is that every guest should hear you say your vows; in whatever location you chose. This means that a stand alone microphone is an essential piece of equipment. Of course some ocean side weddings struggle with this but where possible don’t forget the mike!

A celebrant is there for the happiest times of weddings and naming ceremonies and also for the saddest. Non religious funeral services are also part of my work.

As a Wedding Celebrant I can perform a Secular Wedding Blessing. I cannot use a church building for the ceremony. If you would like to use a church building, then do talk to the Anglican and Catholic Churches on this island they will be delighted to help you.

The content of Wedding Blessing Ceremonies has been debated this year and new rules and information is emerging. Many couples want an amalgam of secular and religious in their weddings. The Lords Prayer, a bible reading and general prayers have been asked for many times. I took advice on this from the Church of England and from the Catholic Church. They both told me that as a secular celebrant the only restriction on me was the use of a church building. If my own personal beliefs are not compromised, then I am at liberty to bring God into the ceremony if that is what couples want.

With this knowledge I am delighted to offer a religious element to the ceremony if that is what the couple want. All this can be discussed when we meet and the ceremony is still yours. The reason you have chosen to use a celebrant is because you want to have a personalised occasion. If you wish to bring God into the ceremony that is fine, if that is not your choice that is also absolutely fine.

I look forward to working with you and being part of the best day of your life. An honour that I am always mindful of.